Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is 90 minutes in duration and entails a thorough intake of health history and discussion of current health concerns and goals. It may also include a brief physical examination, if indicated. Information gathering is the primary focus during this visit to put together an appropriate and individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

Second Visit

The second visit focuses on labwork or testing that may be necessary to determine or rule out any diagnoses. This visit is 60 minutes in duration, and may entail a comprehensive physical examination as well a discussion about one’s health history and treatment options that are available. A potential timeline for the treatment plan and health goals will also be discussed during this visit.

Follow-up Visits

Any follow-up visits subsequent to the second visit will entail treatment based on the individualized treatment plan that has been carefully constructed to address your unique needs. These visits are 30 minutes in duration. Treatment can include acupuncture, nutritional or lifestyle counselling, massage or hydrotherapy, and/or any additional modalities that may be suited for you.

15 Minute Phone Consultation

During a phone consultation, any health concerns or questions can be addressed. Recommendations for supplements or lifestyle modifications may also be made over the phone. Any comprehensive discussion of test results will require an in-clinic visit.

Note: The number of visits in a treatment plan will vary from patient to patient, based on your unique health goals or concerns, as well as your progress.