Naturopathic Medicine can be thought of as un umbrella term for a system of medicine that involves a variety of different treatment methods. An individual who is ready to embark on a journey to good health through Naturopathic Medicine may want to be familiar with the different treatment methods that are offered. These treatment methods, also referred to as modalities, include:


One of the most ancient practices of eastern medicine, acupuncture, belongs to a system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It combines Chinese herbs with mind and body practices in order to prevent and treat illnesses. TCM views the body on whole as an energetic system with a life force known as Qi, which flows harmoniously through channels along the body. Any blockage of Qi is thought to cause disharmony and disease to the body, which can be treated and addressed through diet, herbal remedies, and acupuncture.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine uses active ingredients that contain medicinal properties found in various parts of plants to treat disease. This preparation can be in the form of a tincture, tea, or capsules. Although botanical medicine offers an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, it is not without risks or side effects. Naturopathic Doctors work closely with patients to determine what types of herbs are appropriate for them.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Counselling

A proper, well-balanced diet is an integral part of good health. Many chronic lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease to name a few, are linked to poor dietary habits. A Naturopathic Doctor works with an individual to assess their diet and provides recommendations for dietary modifications, or supplements to address any nutritional deficiencies.

Physical Medicine

This system of medicine aims to restore the body’s natural functional ability through manual treatments such as massage, manipulation, hydrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, or laser to name a few. A Naturopathic Doctor will evaluate posture or functional imbalances in the body and use appropriate therapies in combination with exercises.

Homeopathic Medicine

This modality is an energetic form of medicine that is based on the theory of “like cures like”. The premise of theory is based on the belief that a substance that can cause symptoms of disease in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in a sick person.